The Specialty Spit Roast Catering Company

What do couples planning to wed look for in a reception caterer? A number of things determine who they finally settle on. There’s the budget, and what the caterer is bringing to the table.  They need a caterer who has style, high hygiene standards, has excellent taste in venues and can organize chefs who whip up delicious food.  It is a tall order but doable. Resident of Auckland and other parts of New Zealand such as Waikato are fortunate. There is a specialty spit roast catering company that does all this and more.

The Southern Spit Roast and BBQ Company are well known in the region. The reviews on the company’s website are proof of their excellent services.  They have happy brides writing about their experience with this company. That’s not all. Parents and CEO’s are among those who’ve posted their thoughts about the company. It makes for an interesting read and does encourage brides-to-be and grooms to try out their services. Their rates are reasonable and have been packaged to suit all pockets.

The company is a specialty spit roast catering company. This is based on a New Zealand tradition that has been around for years. Spit roast is a delicacy that features in most of the weddings in this country. Theo owners of this company saw an opportunity and make a living catering wedding reception with the spit roast as the centre piece meal.  There are different menu packages to suit all sorts of budgets but that core meal is on all of them. The quality of service is high and is the same no matter what budget the couple opt for.  Contracting them to cater your reception is a guarantee to a slice of tradition.

This specialty spit roast catering company has trained staff. They go about their business in an unobtrusively manner. They do wear uniform making it easy to spot them in case a guest needs help. They do an excellent job as can be read on the testimonials. The chef is available during the function and carves the spit roast on site. Guests are sure to enjoy fresh food. The company does have the resources they need in case they have to transport the food. The food is kept at acceptable temperature standards ensuring guests get fresh food. They also provide linen, tables, cutlery, seats, tables and everything needed to make that reception a successful one meal wise.

Couples looking to experience a unique wedding setup will not go wrong by contracting Southern Spit Roast BBQ Company. They can select venues from their long list, both indoors and outdoors. They have spectacular views and good rates. Have a look at the photos on their website that showcase some of the venues.  This specialty spit roast catering company has what it takes to host your reception. Get in touch by calling, emailing them, or check them out online at Their website is user friendly and has a great FAQs page that is really useful.

Getting Better at Skiing with the Skia Sweetspot

There is a tool that skiers of all ages would find most useful. It helps them perfect their skiing skills and get their balance right. They are the Skia Sweetspot trainers.

Dr. Martin Breach is a medical doctor. His interest in sports medicine and biomechanics drove him to try to solve a major skiing problem. He teamed up with Hugh Monney together they came up with the Skia Sweetspot trainers. They have changed the way skiers train. The trainers are small, light and portable. This makes them easy to carry is a small bag when necessary. In spite of that, they are strong, tough and durable. They can withstand falls; and are not easily spoilt. They are just right for a demanding sport such as skiing.

They are safe to use. They are fit for use on dry ground as well, which makes learning interesting. They are perfect to use in any room, turning it into a training ground.  Training with Skia Sweetspot is not only fun but also they help skiers get balance skills. Balance is important when skiing. Balance increases the skiers’ endurance and agility.  For beginners, it lessens frequent aching muscles and joint pains. For experts, the trainers will help them better their skiing act. The trainers are also great for improving movement patterns such as leg pivoting; flex and extend in balance and lateral movements from edge to edge. The purpose of these movements is to train the muscle memory so that the skier automatically uses the movements when they are actually on the ski slope.

For great skiing posture, the Skia Sweetspot is the best for training. This is one of the hardest things to achieve but also necessary. To balance on the strainers, the skier has to balance on the blocks. Once achieved, skiing in the right posture will be a breeze. To own a pair of these essential tools, place your order online. They are affordable and durable. They will last a long time. Check out the testimonials page as well and see what people have to say about them. Many satisfied customers have given them a favorable review. Most appreciate how their balance skills have improved. Not having to be on the slope to use the trainers has also been a big advantage. It gave them more time to practice repeatedly in the comfort of their homes, gym and practically anywhere, they pleased.

Many people dream of skiing because it is lots of fun. With the right training, anyone can ski. The trainers help to bring this to dream to reality. They equip skiers with the right skills so that they can ski per this company’s by line:  “safer, faster, smarter, better’. Clients wishing to learn how to ski or improve on their skills will find them useful. Check them out online and learn more.  Join the long list of those who have gained with this tool. Skiing will no longer be a trying task.

Web Design for Takapuna Businesses

Building a website can be a trying task. Fortunately, the Geek Free Web Design team covering Takapuna is up to the task. Their target is small businesses and they have been successful with this niche market. They come highly recommended.

This team belongs to the Geek Free Web Design Company.  They are experts in building websites. They work with small business owners helping them establish a website. They are good at what they do and have received favorable comments from satisfied customers.

Websites are common on the World Wide Web. Companies and all manner of businesses use websites to promote their products. This is a great way to let the world know more about their services. The business owner has the opportunity to advertise to the rest of the world. Customers spend a lot of time online so websites need to look good to catch their attention. The websites need not be complicated. They should be clear about what the business is offering to the customer. This means that all information on the website should communicate effectively, leaving no room for error or confusion.

On building the website, Geek Free does not leave the business owner helpless. They train them so that they are able to manage the website on their own. This not only makes them confident but they also get to update their website on the go. This keeps their customers informed about the latest products and services that they have.  The web design team is regularly in Takapuna and follows up with their clients. This enables them to discuss any issues that the client may have concerning the website. Clients are pleased with this move and it reassures them.

The testimonials page on Geek Free’s website shows that customers are pleased with their services. They report of an increased number of enquiries on their services. They have also had successful sales. Their new websites have brought them new customers. They use their email and ‘contact us’ facility to get in touch. It is a great way of communicating with customers.

Building a website with Geek Free is not stressful. For web design in Takapuna Geek Free listens to the client so that they understand what they need in their website. They also advice and use their expertise to give their client the best. They use internationally accepted guidelines that enables them to create websites that meet both national and international standards. This makes sure that the client ends up with a custom website that best represents them.

Signing up for web design for your Takapuna business is a great idea. Their services are affordable. Their websites are also easy to use. Business owners will not have a hard time using them. They will also appreciate this new stream of income that is also an advertising media. Check out their website and learn more about the services they offer. They will take your business to the next level. Let the experts help your business grow. Get in touch.

Comfortable Accommodation Hidden in Epsom Auckland

A home away from home is one of the comforts that all travelers look for. It helps to get rid of anxious feelings and creates a familiar surrounding when in a foreign land. Tudor Court Motor Lodge strives to this and more. Located in Epsom, the motor lodge is a great place to stay.

For the corporate traveler, working while on holiday is important to them. They tend to choose motels that cater to these needs. Access to information is also vital so receiving a free copy of the local newspaper will ensure that they are up to date on both local and international news. All these and more are available in Epsom at the motor lodge.

The business executive cherishes their free time. At Epsom, the motor lodge is only a short distance away from local attractions. There are many places to visit and simply have fun and learn something new. Stop by the show ground, Cornwall Park and the Auckland Star dome Observatory, try out local and international cuisine at the local restaurants and view breath-taking scenery at Mt. Eden. It is hard to get bored in this location.

The management at this lodge has come up with a unique way to attract guests. First, they can book online which spreads the net all over the world. All that is required is your internet connection and signing up for accommodation in Epsom at the motor lodge is at your fingertips. Their website is also easy to maneuver. Everything is simple yet orderly. Prospective guests will not spend too much time surfing and will be able to book easily. There is also an opportunity for guests to earn themselves free breakfast and pricing that is unbeatable. Have a look at their website and learn how to get a free meal and accommodation at unbelievable prices.

Paying for accommodation is not a stressful activity. Guests can pay using a number of global cards. Pay in advance through cash or by ETFPOS. Should the guest have to cancel their booking, they can expect a full refund as long as they give a notice of 48 hours.

All guests will be glad to know that all the money they spend at the lodge goes to ensure that future generations will also get to enjoy the amazing environment in the country. In Epsom, the motor lodge management has embraced a biodegradable policy. It does not use harsh chemical substances to clean and even uses a biodegradable rubbish liner.

While in Epsom at the motor lodge, the guests can expect to enjoy the facilities that have been set aside for them. Bringing in the luggage is easy when the parking slot is outside the rooms. The BBQ space is ideal for a cook out and doing laundry has never been easier. The laundry machine comes with free washing powder.

The corporate guest will enjoy their stay Tudor Court Motor Lodge. The team there has made sure that it is modern and comfortable.

Getting your car fixed after a collision for those in Hamilton

There are 1000’s of collisions on New Zealand roads per annum. Most are modest in severity. In these events the vehicle will probably be fixed. The garage deem it a write off, and if the vehicle is considered too costly to repair, it’s written off by the insurer.

So they will have their chosen panelbeaters in Hamilton look after the automobile after the injury. For those who don’t have this option, its essential to find an experienced and dependable panelbeaters in Hamilton that have the ability to finish task and have the car in a safe and drivable condition later. Here’s where to start your search online at

Courtesy vehicles will be offered by most collision repair businesses for the duration of the repairs. Some even specialize in certain makes and models. The overhaul price may vary greatly depending on accessibility to spare parts, the make of auto, and extent of the damage. Collision repair companies deal with this understandably traumatic experience daily, it’s important for the customer to feel consoled. It’s an anxiety full time for most folks involved.

The quality of the work is dependent upon the equipment available and seasoned workmanship. Search for companies, that have invested in the most recent technologies, this can be always a good sign. Also a business that has some type of guarantee shows they’re confident with the work they have been making.

A panelbeater is a trained tech who has skills in performing repairs on vehicle bodies. Panel beaters make disfigured vehicles regain their factory shape notably after incidences or damaged. Most auto body shops often have these service technicians who are responsible for taking care of vehicles which can be brought in by clients for repairs. There are work stations or workshops which are dedicated to carry out these services since they may need space that is adequate for the dismantling.

There are quite numerous jobs which are performed during the auto repair process. There may be distinct levels for the vehicles that are brought in so varied servicing is performed based on the damage present. Replacement of parts that are affected is one of the most basic services where new spare parts are used carried out. This is done if the parts that were affected are changed beyond repair.

Components used in these repairs tend to be made of alloys and metals with fibre glass and plastics also being commonly used for the repairs. Panelbeaters in Hamilton frequently work on several types of vehicles which are brought in for repairs. Auto customization can be a service where various forms is done to alter the appearances and performance of the vehicle being serviced that panelbeaters offer. Operation components may be contained in the components used to change the appearances of the vehicles. Warranty for the parts for the occupations are in many examples which are used, offered to the clients and in case of any form of malfunction or poor functionality replacement may be done at no cost by the vehicle shops involved.